Secure payment at Redsys Gateway

·       Redsys features

The Redsys electronic payment platform is a virtual POS that has a series of characteristics that make it the option most used by e-commerce in our country. As are its trajectory, its security or its versatility. Read on to find all about Redsys.

·       Redsys trajectory

Redsys has been operating as a virtual payment Gateway for more than 35 years. It emerget after the merger of the Redy and Sermepa payment gateways. It is currently ranked number one in e-commerce in our country. Making it a Brand of recognized prestige that is inevitably associated with secure payment on the Internet.

·       Credit institutions associated with Redsys

Redsys groups together about 60  banks, savings Banks and credit institutions. This is another of the reasons that have made it number one. Most spanish saving Banks and Banks work with Redsys.

·       Cards supported by Redsys

Redsys is a versatile payment method that accepts payment with both credit and debit cards. Allowing the use of Visa MasterCards and also American Express card.

·       Payment security

Redsys has become synonymous with secure payment. Its security and encryption systems and protocols guarantee the encrypted sending of data. The prevent identity theft and guarantee secure payment. Both for the user and for e-commerce. Who also will not have Access of the payment data provided by the user at any time. It also has powerful anti-fraud tool and 3D Secure authentification. Find out if it is safe to use virtual payment methods.

We also accept payments by Paypal, bank transfer and ViaBill.

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