In addition to belonging to a family with deep-rooted shoemaking dedication for generations, she is fortunate to live in ELDA (Alicante), a city of recognized world prestige in the footwear sector. Since her childhood, her memories have always been linked to this industry, to the workshop where her grandmother sewed the shoes that her grandfather finished, to her father´s small family Factory, where she also worked, to the noise of the machines as they passed through the streets of that, then small city, to the smells that were perceived of leather, glue, dyes, so characteristic an so familiar.

Although she studied and worked in other sectors, she always had the interest to follow the family tradition and so when she has found the balance between family and work, she decided to follow her dream creating her own women shoe brand.

With great effort and dedication, she gets down to work, studying between great professionals in the sector, giving rise to Franca Rosé brand which bursts into the Spanish market, offering today´s dynamic women avant-garde designs and high quality taking into account market trends and demands.